Client: Omroep Max NPO (Niederländisches Fernsehen)

Client: Omroep Max NPO (Niederländisches Fernsehen)

Client: SEO Pruban & Schmidt

Client: Andersreisen Bern

Client: Border Concepts Gronau

Client: Overkill Festival Enschede (Russian)

Free Animation Project: In Cooperation with Jacek Roszyk

Competition: ANWB anniversary videoclip

Client: GroenLinks Nederland (Party GreenLeft Netherlands)

Free Project

Free Project: Musicvideo for James Pants – Ca$h

About me

The dark wild jungle always radiates for me the deep fear of getting lost in sudden unpredictability. There you have this chaos where it swarms with all kinds of lifeforms. And I am not able to understand this broad spectrum of energies. On the same time, it attracts me with just this beauty.

Like a chameleon I am observing new worlds, adapting to this artwork as a foreign visitor, always aware who I am and where I come from.

Wherever I go I am curious in others. I try never to judge people and as a reward for this I got insights from the world as it is.

All this stories fire my imagination in cold nights.

Travelling with my boat through Dutch mangroves, drinking cocktails on a Siberian pool party, sitting with stranded bankers around a fire in a 30 stories high abandoned building are not that far from reality.

But I am seeing forward to meet you and to listen to your story!

And maybe we can produce a video or an animation together!



Haiko Richkoff


My website with all videos made for my former company VOTOX (Enschede/Netherlands)